Waterproof Bicycle Bag/Phone Case


  • Made for all of those who push their limits every day. For ones who go out of their comfort zone, who ride no matter the weather or terrain. Made for adventurers, wanderers and record breakers. 
  • Not your regular bicycle bag. Aside of the obvious storage compartments, this clever pouch allows you to use your phone while riding your bike. You can keep track of your pulse, body parameters, speed, GPS location, lap times or whatever else you like to use on your phone while riding your bicycle. 
  • Multipractical - You can shield your phone from all kinds of weather, and still be able to use it without a problem. Smart TPU foil is touch sensitive, so you can operate your phone normally. All materials included on the bag are waterproof. Fabric is waterproof, seams are waterproof and so is the zipper. 
  • Reflective tape on the side makes you more visible on the road, magnetic flip will hold your phone firmly inside the bag. 
  • Materials: All of the materials used on this bag are long lasting and hard to rip or break. Between carbon polyester, composite materials for the visor, RipStop canvas, TPU extra layered foil for the transparent touch sensitive part, your phone and other possessions will be well protected. 
  • Sun Visor helps you to better see the information on your phone on a sunny day by shielding your phone from direct sunlight
  • 3 point harness system - The bag is held firmly in place with 3 velcro harnesses, on 3 strategically placed connection points. 
  • Not sold in stores!
  • FREE shipping worldwide!

NOTE: Maximum phone height is 6,8 inches which corresponds with most of the modern iPhones and android smart phones on the market. But just in case, check if your phone is suitable with the bag you're buying.