BEARFORCE High Pressure Washer


  • 2-in-1 adjustable add-ons: Chose the jet nozzle to rinse off stubborn stains from a distance up to 7m, or switch to the fan nozzle for short-distance gentle gleaning of larger areas!
  • Safe for any type of surface: Wash cars, pavements, fences safely without doing any damage to wood, paint or other types of coating
  • Forget about rust with this hose extension. Add-ons are made of corrosion-resistant copper alloy!
  • Make anything shine like new with this powerful cleaning tool!
  • Restore the glow of your car or the old pathway in your garden.
  • There is no limit to what you can clean almost effortlessly with this high-pressure washer!
  • Thoroughly clean any area from afar or closely by switching between the two add-on nozzles. Chose the jet nozzle for cleaning from a distance and hard to reach areas, or attach the fan nozzle for closer, large areas.
  • This little tool will deeply clean any object without damaging wood or paintand you can rely on a long service life thanks to rust-proof materials which were used to make this high pressure washer!
  • Restore the glow of any surface. Remove dirt and mold buildup without hard scrubbing and polishing by transforming your regular hose into a powerful high-pressure washer!
  • Not sold in stores! FREE worldwide shipping!


Length: 48cm

Material: Copper, stainless steel, plastic