LIMPID Anti-Fog Foil Roll 30cm x 100cm

Make your driving safer and vision clearer!


  • Potentially a life saving product
  • Easy to apply
  • Practical and cost-effective
  • Different sizes and shapes (scroll down to see all models)
  • Cut out your own shape from a ROLL
  • Anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-oil
  • Not sold in stores! FREE worldwide shipping!


How useful are LIMPID foils?

LIMPID anti fog foils are made to be easily applied and to improve driving vision twofold. They can potentially save your life!

1. Active hidrophobic ingredient prevents water residue sticking on the surface that foil was applied - hence improving the clarity of picture that is viewed on the mirror.
2. The lack of water prevents fogging that is initiated by the temperature fluctuation which decreases the amount of light reflexion from the passing vehicles.

Check out the video!

Are LIMPID foils versatile?

LIMPID anti fog foils come in vast variety of shapes and dimension so they can be used on different vehicles or different surfaces.

For instance:
1. S models are for passenger car side mirrors
2. M models are for pickup trucks or cargo truck side mirrors
3. LIMPID foil ROLL is used for everything else, from bathroom mirrors to windshield inner side etc.
You can just cut out your own shape!


Check out the video in the product gallery!

Product specs:

Heat Insulation Rate: 10%-20%
Transmittance: 80%-100%
Ultraviolet blocking rate: 10%-20%
Material Type: Nanometer
Category: PVC

Anti-glare, anti-dust, anti-oil, anti-fog