SPEEDUP Car Head Up Display


  • Multifunctional: SPEEDUP has various interface modes that can be easily toggled with a wheel switch. The basic interface only displays the speed, other interface displays rpm and voltage as well whereas the standard interface displays all the data at once.
  • Over Limit Alerts:Set a desired speed limit and the device will alert you with an alarm if you exceed your set speed limit. Apart from over speeding, SPEEDUP also alerts you about low voltage, high water temperature, fatigue driving, etc.
  • Phone Holder and Reflector: SPEEDUP comes with a chic and classy holder cam reflector that holds your HUD device or a smartphone in place. The upper portion of the holder is ultra-reflective and shows a very sharp and inverted image of your screen.
  • Automatic Operation: SPEEDUP is turned on as soon as your car is started and it is turned off when your car shuts down. Equipped with the OBD cable, it will never run out of power as long as your car is running.
  • Premium Quality: It's made from high-grade ABS material, so it's eco-friendly and very durable at the same time. The precision is tested after the manufacture of this device which is why it displays exact information without any hassle.
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Drive safer and smarter with SPEEDUP head up display!

SPEEDUP projects important information on your windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road at times.

Vital information like the speed of your car, rpm, voltage and water temperature, etc. are projected at your line of sight, reducing the chances of an accident. The multicolor digital display uses different colors to display different data which makes it easier to read, understand and adapt to.