Optical Drawing Bracket


  • Useful tool for 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Sketching, Tattoo tracking, Embossing or Scrapbooking
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Ideal Tracing Tool - suitable for children, adults, comics/anime lovers, beginning artists. It's never to late to learn drawing. 
  • Eyesight-Protective Technology
  • Acrylic - super durable and unlike glass - it can handle pressure and weight
  • It's easily assembled, carried and stored away
  • Bracket-stand is suitable for all mobile phones and tablets
  • Perfect gift for creative souls
  • Not sold in stores
  • Free worldwide shipping


Looking for a helping hand to help you improve your drawing skills?

Reflect an image from your phone or a tablet onto a sheet of paper, then trace the outlines and create your masterpiece with our Optical Drawing Bracket. It allows you to trace or draw anything twice as fast. You can download an image to your phone or a tablet, place your device on the board, and then start tracing away. Easy and quick start for all users.

Brackets are designed to support any device. This sketch tool comes with brackets to keep your drawing process stable and smooth. 
It projects images reflection on optical PMMA lens which enables you to draw on any opaque material. 

The perfect tool for tracing animations, cartoons, stencils, tattoos, drawings or arts and crafts which can be setup in matter of seconds. It's a perfect tool in multiple domains, such as 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transfers, Sketching & Drawing, Stained Glass, Quilting, Sewing Projects, T shirt design, Bag design and the list goes on...

Size: 13,5 cm x 20 cm