Ocean Wave Projector



  • 12 high-end, ultra-bright LEDs on a rotating projector head. Relaxing, comforting and soothing. Creates a large, brilliant, personal light show all for you!
  • 7 Color Modes: Modes are made to imitate different kinds of sunset colors. Give yourself a piece of ocean in a color settings that suits you - create several ambient settings depending on your mood. 
  • Built-in Music: Features a built-in speaker. Simply plug it into your phone, mp3 player, or any audio aux. Also comes equipped with 4 built-in lullaby songs for those tired parents who are too tired to sing. 
  • Automatic turn off mode: Choose from 3 power-efficient auto shut down timers. Projector can shut down automatically after 1, 2 or 4 hours or it can stay on whole night long. A great way to relax before bed or just help your children fall asleep.
  • 45° display angle: The projecting angle can be adjusted manually by rotating the projector head gently; the LED inside the projector can also be adjusted by remote control.
  • Not sold in stores! 
  • FREE worldwide shipping!


Turn your room into a magical place with this Ocean Wave Projector!

Recognizing stress is the first step toward reducing it. Stress can build up gradually and you may not be aware of it until it has reached a critical level.

Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing a peaceful impact of the ocean. This night lamp will keep you relaxed and stress-free leaving you to sail away on a wave of complete tranquility with no delay.

Perfect for adults and children alike, the Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player can be USB powered for your convenience or it can be used with 4 AA batteries (not included because of shipping regulations).