Multifunctional Contour Gauge

14cm 2
14cm 3
12cm 2
12cm green
25cm 3
25cm 2


  • Handy tool for carpenters: Multifunctional Contour Gauge can be used to copy or track the shape of irregular objects. With it's ruler on the top, you can quickly figure out the size of the object that you want to measure and create an instant template for marking precise tile or wood cuts.
  • Practical tool: Suitable for people to use to track and measure profiles or edges of objects, such as winding pipes, circular frames or other irregular objects; handy for molding, woodworking, working on car bodies, and any other contour duplication work.
  • Premium quality: Multifunctional Contour Gauge is made out of corrosion-proof materials - mainly out of ABS hard plastic.
  • Easy to use: Press the teeth against the object to match the contour and then trace the shape you need; That way you will create a clear cutting line which is so close to the original shape that you will not even have to sand down the edges! 
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You need a ruler that can trace irregular shapes to make your job easier?

Designed for those difficult-to-measure areas when working on projects such as tiling, DIY Projects or any kind of home renovation. The Multifunctional Contour Gauge is easy to use, ensuring an accurate measurement for cutting tiles to size. Work with less hassle with the Multifunctional Contour Gauge! Copy the exact measurements and shapes with ease!