Mi Electronic Ruler


  • Small sized, fits in a pocket!
  • Lightweight (35g), compact and portable.
  • 8 functions, simple "3-key" operation
  • Accumulated measurement up to 99 meters
  • Lithium battery with 200 days of standby time
  • Handy tool for everyone:Electronic Ruler can be used to measure the lenght on irregular objects, distance inside your cabinet, room lenght, circumference of any object etc. 
  • Highest quality:This Electronic Ruler is made out of durable aluminum alloys, acrylic resin, and hard silicone!
  • Easy to use
  • Not sold in stores! 
  • Free worldwide shipping!


Tired of those folding measuring tapes, want to measure your waist line without having to reach around to get the ends of the tape or you're a handyman tired of regular rulers which get stuck when rolling back into the case? 

Try this Electronic Ruler! This ingenious design allows you to measure irregular shapes and circumference of objects. Just choose in what unit you want your lenght to be displayed and start rolling. With those 3 easy accessible buttons you can acess settings, switch between modes (straight line, diameter, accumulated range or basic lenght), units, or turn the backlight of the display on or off. You can also adjust the backlight timer to anywhere from 30-180 seconds. 
This Electronic Ruler will last you for a long time since it's case is made from aluminum alloys, wheel is made out of hard silicone and the display is covered with a protective layer of acrylic resin. 
All of the informations are displayed on a 1.8 inch LCD screen, while the haptic buzzer notifies you about crossing your own set lenghts, when you reach the limit of a single lenght range or just when the battery is off. 

Battery is LiOn, with 200 days of standby time to insure that whenever you need your Electric Ruler he will be ready. Charging port is type - C, and the cable is included in the package. 


Size: 53 * 15MM (diameter * thickness)
Charger: Type-c (cable included)