LIQUIFY Battery Powered Fluid Pump



  • This electric pump helps you transfer liquids safely and easily.
  • Made of quality materials, durable, sturdy and easy to use.
  • It is suitable for water, oil, diesel, and other non-corrosive liquids.
  • It comes with a hanging hole for convenient storage.
  • It can be used to empty fish tanks, drain pools, clean flooded basements, etc.
  • Not sold in stores! FREE worldwide shipping!


Transfer liquids in a fast & easy manner!

This automatic pump is high powered, portable and lightweight. You can pump 10 quarts of liquid per minute. Just switch on to start transferring liquid from one receptacle to another. You can easily empty containers with the LIQUIFY battery powered fluid pump.

Pump is automatic, cordless and battery powered. It easily lets you move liquids! It takes the hassle out of filling gas tanks, refilling windshield fluid and so much more. And no more spillovers!

Just dip the end into the water and press the on switch, and this remarkable lightweight siphon pump will draw the liquid through the pipe and pump it out of the hose.