Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Walnut base
Light wood base
Sheet Size


  • This is a magnetic magical floating bonsai pot, floating in the air, rotating 360 degrees automatically when the power is turned on. There's nothing like it in this world!
  • Composed of high quality resin, this levitating plant pot comes with a lightweight design. This allows you to keep it anywhere you want including bookshelves, desks, and dining tables. Moreover, this product is composed of environmentally friendly materials which makes eventual disposal of this product an easy process. 
  • It's highly stylish and superb gift for anyone,great conversation piece and a great home decor piece! This serves as a perfect product for people who are looking to have a unique and attractive home decoration.
  • You can choose what plant you want to put inside it. This product does not include a plant, so whatever you want to put inside it - is entirely up to you. And if one of your plants get's "dizzy" from spinning just put another one in instead.
  • Easy to install, water and maintain.  Bonsai trees and miniature gardens are proven to improve mental states. But when you put it in a levitating, rotating flower pot, it just incentivizes an even higher level of calmness.  It just makes people feel comfortable. It's an art piece and a plant in one unit!
  • Magnetic levitation or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended mid air with no support other than a magnetic field. Magnetic force is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational pull.
  • Product doesn't include a plant
  • Not sold in stores! FREE worldwide shipping!