Laser Projection Keyboard / Power bank


  • Improved and updated, 2nd generation with multi point recognition and gesture control
  • QWERTY keyboard layout
  • Supports USB and Bluetooth
  • Suitable for all devices - smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, laptops etc.
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery 
  • Built in phone bracket
  • Doubles up as a Power Bank
  • Compatible with the latest Windows/Windows Phones/ IOS4 and later (iPhone and iPad), Android 3.1 and later etc. 


This product needs to be placed on a flat, clean, opaque, non-reflective interface. There should be no fixed obstacles between the laser projector and the projecting surface. Strong sunlight will affect your ability to see the keyboard, so it's not meant  to be used outside on a sunny day. 

How to connect:

This product can be connected via Bluetooth or USB, the product and the operating system all function the same way with both USB or Bluetooth.

Connection via USB is plug and play. There are no needs for installing any separate drivers, just plug it in and enjoy. 

Connection via Bluetooth. This product supports Bluetooth connection and can be used without having to install a separate driver on any device. Connection information will be retained after the keyboard is shut down, after you switch it on, if your device Bluetooth is turned on - the keyboard will connect itself automatically.