Creative Carved 3D Memo Pads




  • Decorative: Nice way to decorate your office surroundings. The more memos you make, the closer you get to the hidden work of art inside the memo pad. You can save all your pads after you use them and use them as a decorative piece!
  • Nature and Landscapes: Memo pads have relaxing motives behind their art. It's purposely designed to relieve work stress and anxiety. 
  • Rewarding: The more productive you get, the more notes you take, the more rewarding is the process of unveiling the hidden motive inside your memo pad!
  • Variants and colors: You can choose between several different variants and colors. Keep in mind that your pencil color will have a different contrast on different colors!
  • Environmentally friendly: Memo pads are made from recycled paper!
  • Great gift for your friend and family, especially for those who are Harry Potter fans!
  • Not sold in stores! FREE worldwide shipping!