Futuristic Ball Lamp

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  • Let your kids fall asleep with this fantastic visual experience!
  • Detachable design allows your kids to play with luminescent balls which glow in dark even after you take them off the stand
  • It has a slider for color selection and also a full range color-cycling option.  
  • Made out of environmentally friendly raw materials (BPA and PVC free)
  • Power adapter inlcuded
  • Not sold in stores!
  • Free worldwide shipping!


This Futuristic Ball Lamp looks like something from another planet!

Powerful LED's are lighting up 3 balls on the end of 3 pillars. LED lamps do not heat up, so the balls are perfectly safe to hold and play with. Due to the luminescent nature of the ball material, they glow in the dark up to 30 minutes after being removed from their stand. When they stop glowing, just put them back on the lamp to "recharge". 
Due to the magical appearance these lamps help kids to sink in the most beautiful dreams there are.  

The base of the lamp has a slider switch. By moving the slider you can change the emitting color of the lamp, just leave the slider on the position that corresponds your favorite color. If you wish to have the lamp cycle the colors itself - just leave the slider in the furthest position and it will smoothely go through the colors by itself. 

Nothing is sudden with these lamps, they do everything seamlessly - just like a plant from another planet would do.