Blackhead Vacuum Remover


  • Finally - you can do basic skincare cleansing routine at the comfort of your own home
  • 6 different tips allow you to use the Blackhead Remover on small & curvy skin areas as well as larger flat skin surfaces
  • Five levels of suction allow you to use the Blackhead Remover on delicate places as well as on the harder skin on your body. 
  • Portable and wireless - Blackhead Vacuum Remover is easy to pack and carry around, it's also wireless and has a charging capability. All of that makes it super convinient to carry around if you're traveling a lot. 
  • Cable included
  • Not sold in stores! 
  • Free worldwide shipping!


How to use?
Step 1: Clean your face with warm water and soap or use a face cleaning gel/water.  Hold a warm towel on your face for 5 minutes to open up the pores. If you have a face steamer - use it. 
Step 2: Start with the lowest level of suction and work your way up the levels - depending on the skin type you're using your at the moment. 

Step 3: Slowly move the blackhead remover back and forth with constant speed. Do not use suction on just one place, because it will turn red and it will get swollen. It's super important to move it around. Also do not press it down or pull vertically. 
Step 4: After you're done with using your Blackhead Vacuum Remover, first rinse your face with some cold, fresh water to close up the pores. After you're face get's settled down, use some micelar water to clean it. Secondly - remove the tip of the Blackhead Vacuum Remover and wash it with warm water. 

Package includes:
1 x Blackhead Vacuum Remover
1 x Charging cable
1 x Manual
 6 x Different tips