Anti Theft Alarm Lock


  • 110 Db of irritating loudness: The alarm of this lock pad is very loud (110db) and it's almost impossible to have a false alarm with it. This alarm system was specifically designed to turn on in situations when someone is trying to violently unlock the padlock.
  • High grade steel: This heavy duty siren alarm padlock has a body made of extra strong, high-grade steel shackle. It's indestructible. The only way to open it without the key is to cut it open, in which case it will sound the alarm. 
  • Versatile: You can lock up your bike, garage door, garden shed, side gate, tool box or locker, or anything that can have a chain around it. 
  • Weatherproof:  Anti Theft Alarm Lock is resistant to corrosion, bad weather, and it is 100% waterproof.  It's been tested frozen up and heated up to extremes. There is no weather that can brake down this lock or his alarm feature. It will sound the siren, in any conditions, every time. 
  • Digital sensor chip is sensitive to vibration. When the lock is hit or shaken the alarm function will be triggered and it will emit a loud sound shoo-ing away unwanted persons from your property and away from your belongins.
  • If someone turns the alarm on, you can turn it off by unlocking the pad with a key
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